Saturday, 15 August 2009

best munkki in Southern Finland

Finns make a sweet bread called Munkki ... more or less its a dough nut without the hole. Basically its yeast as the raising agent cooked in hot oil and then dusted in sugar. Anyway it all comes under the category of "kavileipa" or coffee breads.

Well anyway normally I'm sworn off this as its often just crap (especially by "mister donuts" standards from Japan), oily, sugary and mostly stale. Kinda like the 8 donuts for 99¢ you get in Woolies or Coles in Australia. You imagine they'll be good but its only the really hungry or the really greedy who like them.

So, we went out to pick berries yesterday and on the way we needed to fill up the tank with fuel, as my wife has a thing against Shell (for their environmental tardiness in Finland) we dropped into this little innocuous place just 17 or so Km out of Kouvola (heading towards Lappeenranta). It was a semi-abandoned building which had the look of being recently taken out of abandonment by some small private operator (and the Ritoil sign added to that) with the unexpected sign on the roof saying "BAARI" meaning its a bar.

Petrol sales were by a (typical here in Finland) automat ATM style system so we weren't intending to go in.

There was a sign saying "Kavi - Munki 2€" and my wife point it out ... I said you have the Munki and I'll have the coffee. So in we toddle and find a neat but basically large empty area with the food over in the far side from the door.

The woman behind the counter (clearly the owner) was in her late 50's and noticed we spoke English to each other but some Finnish too (when asking her questions). So when I went to pay for our selection she asked (in English) if we'd like her to speak English Finnish or Swedish.

Stunning really ... as after living in central and eastern Finland I'm simply not used to anyone having a nice service attitude. A grunt with a scowl is more like it (you know, filthy foreigners, probably Russians).

But the Munki looked perfect ... and when grabbing a bit with the metal tongs (common here too) it felt right too.

I said that the Munki looked good and the owner replied that she knows that she makes good Munki, because old guys come back to ask "can I buy some to take away in a bag".

In Fact the munki was so dam good my wife only got half of it and we were tempted to take some with us too.

So, if you're travelling between Lappeenranta and Kouvola, drop into that Ritoil about 17km from Kouvola ... best damn munki in the country.

Ohh ... and the berry picking went well too! We found a place which was dripping with wild rasberrys!

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  1. Ha ha haa! (damn russians - double ha!)
    & yummm too on the raspberry front..

    Hyva paiva!