Thursday, 19 November 2009

northern depression

Another sunny day in the northern white city

helsinkyMorningand another day of gloom (something like Kaamos as I understand it) with only the prospect of it getting gloomier until December 21.

Finns are all acting "down in the mouth" and depressed as the "season" drags on.

Personally I've never been overly fond of the physical landscape in Finnish Cities, and as always, the bigger ones are often the more ugly ...

So while Helsinki may have more attractions to it than Kouvola (where bleak and post-stalinist-dysfunctionalism style of architecture rules the landscape)

Noone seems to have any motiviation to do anything at the moment, which is blamed on the dreadful climate.

And who can argue with that ... the image
to the left was taken at 11:30am and its still not even really bright.

Then there's the drizzle ...

Its unrelentingly grey and bleak ... even the dead rabbit on my way to work hasn't moved

helsinkiBin1 So its no wonder the garbos can't muster the effort to empty the bins.

This one has been gathering garbage for a few weeks now ... looking at the way people have tried to be neat here you can't really say Helsinki people are messy, even the coffee cup is doing its share to hold some of the rubbish.

enjoy winter

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