Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I had the opportunity to visit Tampere again yesterday, I was there some time ago and the weather was foul so since time was restricted I spent my time photographing the interior of the Cathedral there.


The rest of Tampere is just as interesting as the Cathedral.

One of the quite interesting facets of Tampere is that it grew as an industrial city based (probably) around the power source provided by the rapids which flow in that area.

Unlike perhaps some cities Tampere has not relegated its industrial heart to the outside of town (out of sight and out of mind) but it has formed this more or less in the center of town.

The shopping malls and town square are in the midst of this.

But, don't be fooled into thinking that Tampere is some dirty industrial town, as that is just not right. It in fact showcases (to my mind) exactly what the benefits are of "clean energy". Because you see the while you've probably come to interpret images like this as showing pollution, because energy source is essentially Hydro power ...

its just as any other building. To me this is how our technology should be, not something we want to push aside because its filthy, but something which really is the center of our lives. Good old fashioned kinetic energy. Water drops a long way and the weight (or in some cases the speed) generates energy.

just upstream from this levy wall is a dam, which is a feature of the town.

The town square is also a nice place with some heritage buildings.

its a really lovely city and well worth your looking at if you have the chance ... personally I think it has way more character than Helsinki

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